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Total Shield Max Reviews (Updated 2020): What is Price & Where to Buy?

Total Shield Max Review: The Sputum Shield & Pandemic Protection Shield available for sale in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany. Check cost, benefits & how does it work?

You must have tried many ways out to protect yourself from the small bacteria, germs, parasites and infectious agents present in your surroundings mainly in air. These germs are so small that they can easily get into your body through any part. You do try to avoid them at your level best but some loopholes do remain to fill. Once entered in your body, they can cause you much harm such as viral, fever, flu and infections. Your face is the easiest way for them to get enter into your body. Through mouth, eyes, nose, and ears the very easily target your entire body.

We have a complete face cover for you that can easily be carried anywhere you go. It is known as Total Shield Max.

More about Total shield Max:

Total Shield Max is like a big cover that is transparent so that everything on the other side of the shield remains visible to you. It is specially designed to prevent you from all these harmful small bacteria and germs. It is very light in weight and you will not feel heaviness in wearing it. It is so soberly designed that you won’t look bad or uncomfortable while wearing the mask. It can easily be folded and kept in the bag, even in small handbags. Everybody can use it. It reduces the chance of bacteria and other viral agents to affect you. In this polluted environment, the risk of getting affected by viral infections and seasonal cases of flu becomes higher. That is the main reason to innovate a thing like Total shield Max. In very less expense, you can get this shield to protect yourself.

Benefits of using Total Shield Max:

  1. Protects you against germs and bacteria: The total shield max is a big cover that coves your entire face against all the parasites and germs. You breathe properly inside the mask and stay free from these virus agents.
  2. Gives a good and different look to your face: The mask is really nice in looking. It is designed according to your face shapes. It gives you a crystal-clear picture of what is ahead of you.
  3. Saves you against viral infections and flu: The shield prevents the virus to get inside your body and consequently keeps you free from viral and fever.
  4. Portable in nature and easily moveable: the shield is portable enough and you can take it along wherever you go. It makes it really usable. Also, there is no need for repetitive washing. It comes in the plastic form that does not attract much dust.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does this shield feel uncomfortable?
  2. No, you will feel no discomfort while wearing this shield. It is completely comfortable.
  3. What is the life of this shield max?
  4. As such, there is no specific life of this Total Shield Max. You can use it until the time it works properly. Although, if used properly it can live for a reasonable no. of days.
  5. Any warranty with the product?
  6. If you tick the checkbox of warranty with an additional amount of payment, you get a 3 years warranty for the product.
  7. Will my personal details be safe on your site?

A, Absolutely! The details of our customers are completely safe with us in our database. No risk of shared information.


  1. William says- “I bought 2 Total Shield Max. one for myself and the other one for my wife. We are using it regularly and it is very comfortable. We are happy wearing these shields. Great product. It works more effectively than a normal face mask.”
  2. Harry says- “I bought a combo of 3 shields with 2 more free in offer. It is very important to cover our faces while going out. My children really liked the product. They found it cooler than those boring small masks. We carry it along everywhere. Satisfied with the buy.”

Place your order now for Total Shield Max:

In very simple steps you can place the order and then receive it. Firstly, go to the official website of the manufacturer and fill in the detailed form correctly. Payment mode is specified on the site, make the payment accordingly. After 5-6 days of placing the order, you will be delivered with your shields.

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